Sunday, February 16, 2020

'48 Hours' episode 'The Plot to Kill Dr. Sievers' nabs 3.45 TV Ratings Overall

The 48 HOURS (CBS) episode called, "The Plot to Kill Dr. Sievers" aired last Saturday night (2/8/2020) at 10/9 p.m. In the overnight TV ratings. It garnered 3.45 million TV viewers overall. It reached 0.4 million TV viewers in the all important 18 to 49 adult demographic. "The Rookie" (ABC) grabbed 1.99 overall and 0.2 with adults. "NHL Hockey" nabbed 1.00 overall & 0.2 with adults (8-11 p.m.).
"The Plot to kill Dr. Sievers." Bonita Springs, Florida (2015). Teresa Sievers was a holistic doctor who was very successful. She and her husband Mark had two kids. A friend visited their home on Monday because Teresa never showed up at work. That friend found Teresa bludgeoned to death inside of her kitchen. She was beaten by a hammer 17 times.

Investigators questioned Mark who had a solid alibi. He was in New York with his kids and family. The investigation turned to an "Internet" paper-trail. A man who looked exactly like Mark was arrested....

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(CBS photo. Teresa and Mark Sievers in happier times).

(CBS photo. Teresa Sievers was brutally murdered).

Saturday, February 15, 2020

'Hawaii Five-0' episode 'He kauwa ke kanaka na ke aloha' grabs 6.88 TV Ratings Overall

HAWAII FIVE-0 (CBS) episode called, "He kauwa ke kanaka na ke aloha" aired Friday night (2/14/2020) at 9/8 p.m. In the overnight TV ratings. It garnered 6.88 million TV viewers overall. It reached 0.7 million TV viewers in the all important 18 to 49 adult demographic. "20/20" (ABC) grabbed 2.36 overall & 0.4 with adults. "Dateline" (NBC) nabbed 4.17 overall & 0.6 with adults.

"He kauwa ke kanaka na ke aloha." It's Valentine's Days on the island. A woman has bloody hands as police arrive at her home. She confesses that she just killed her husband. He was bludgeoned to death by a hammer who lays dead on the kitchen floor.... 

Lou meets Adam after Lou's daughter was kidnapped. Lou says it will take a while to forgive him after putting his niece in danger.

Tani and Noelani spend time on the beach as Noelani learns how to surf. They both walk into a convenience store and a robbery takes place.

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(CBS photo. Neolani and Tani are caught in the middle of a robbery).

(CBS photo. Neolani is forced to help during a robbery). 

'Dateline' episode 'Where are the children?' is an unsolved mystery

The DATELINE (NBC) episode called, "Where are the Children?" aired Friday night (2/14/2020) at 9/8 p.m. It was reported by Keith Morrison. In the overnight TV ratings. It garnered 4.17 million TV viewers overall. It reached 0.6 million TV viewers in the all important 18 to 49 adult demographic. "Whose line is it anyway?" (ABC) grabbed 0.63 overall & 2.0 with adults. "Blue Bloods" (CBS) 7.45 overall & 0.7 with adults.

"Where are the children?"

First - I usually don't give my opinion on these stories, but this really is a "mystery." Two children went missing in the state of Idaho back in September of 2019. Lori Vallow is their mother and she will not tell anyone where they are. She had married a new husband Chad Daybell and they live in Hawaii. She has not reported them missing and both have recently been questioned by police. As this story unfolded on "Dateline." Another person has died connected to Lori. 

Second - The children have not been heard from and they haven't talked to their grandparents, friends or relatives. When "Dateline" tracked Lori down. The kids were not with her. She has expressed some cult-like behavior too. What is going on?

Below is the video where "Dateline" tracked down Lori and her husband. 

(It looks like the episode will not air on the official online website. Each year - the network airs a special episode in prime-time and then only On-Demand.).

Friday, February 14, 2020

An all new '48 Hours' Saturday Feb. 15, 2020

48 HOURS on CBS. The next episode is called, "The Plot to Kill Dr. Sievers" that will air this Saturday at 10/9 p.m.

CBS says, "Did a Florida man hire a look-alike to kill his wife?  A GPS leads police right to the hitman’s door.  "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty reports."

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

'Parasite' wins 4 Oscars including Best Picture

"Parasite" took home four Academy Awards including / Best Picture / Best Director / International Feature / Original Screenplay /.

According to "Box Office Mojo" that tracks box office receipts. "Parasite" has nabbed a world-wide total of $166,584,862 as of Feb, 12, 2020. After a movie wins an Oscar. The box office takes a spike upward.

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(E/Entertainment screen shot. "Parasite" director Bong Joon Ho carrying 1 of 4 Oscar wins).

An all new 'Dateline' Friday Feb. 14, 2020

DATELINE on NBC. The next 2-hour episode is called, "Where are the Children?" that will air this Friday at 9/8 p.m. 

NBC says, "Dateline investigates the case of two Idaho children who vanished last September. The two-hour broadcast..., will feature exclusive footage of Dateline tracking down their mother, Lori Vallow and her new husband Chad Daybell, at a Hawaiian resort just days after they were questioned by the Kauai police department."

"Where Are The Children? -- features an exclusive interview with Lori’s close friend - April Raymond - who revealed to Keith Morrison that Lori is 'telling people there's a lot of media hype around her right now. And she's waiting for that to die down.' Raymond added, 'I would describe it as something a little more serious, a lot more serious.' "

"Friday’s Dateline also includes an exclusive interview with Chad’s friends, an in-depth look at the storage unit Lori had previously rented, and sit-down with the grandparents of one of the missing children."

"Lori has yet to report her children missing and has not cooperated with investigators. She and Chad have not been charged with any crime and a statement from their attorney defends them as a loving husband and devoted mother and reads in part that they, 'look forward to addressing the allegations once they have moved beyond speculation and rumor.'"

Monday, February 10, 2020

Part 10: A Movie Marathon Tribute to KIRK DOUGLAS

THE MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER from CAMBRIDGE PRODUCTIONS. (1982). This is considered a classic film from the 1980's. It was a box office hit nabbing $50 million at the world wide box office. Kirk Douglas landed the dual role of twins "Harrison" & "Spur". Burt Lancaster and Robert Mitchum were also considered for those parts. Douglas was the big name star attached and there were some grumblings about him being the "only" American in the cast.

Douglas was funny as "Spur."

A young man loses his father in death and has to earn his place in the high mountains of Australia. He knows horses and is tied to the wild horses that roam those mountains. He falls in love with the daughter of a rancher. They both struggle with the past and the present involving those beautiful untamed horses. 

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(1982 movie poster).

(Movie screenshot. Kirk Douglas as rancher named Harrison.).

Part 9: A Movie Marathon Tribute to KIRK DOUGLAS

LAST TRAIN FROM GUN HILL from BRYNA PRODUCTIONS (1959). Movie westerns in the 1950's were a dime-a-dozen. That includes television. If you didn't have a big movie star and a good screenplay. You were sunk. This western was a hit at the box office. 

Kirk Douglas (Matt Morgan) and Anthony Quinn (Craig Belden) grew up together and are best friends. Matt becomes a US Marshal in another town. Craig is a rancher who owns the town of Gun Hill. Matt's Cherokee Indian wife is raped and murdered. He tracks her killer down and is gonna escort him back to jail on the last train which leaves Gun Hill. 

This reminds me of a Radio "Gunsmoke" episode. Nonetheless, it delivers. I've watched this so many times because of Kirk Douglas.

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(1959 publicity cover of the western).

(Movie screenshot. Kirk Douglas and Earl Holliman.).

Part 8: A Movie Marathon Tribute to KIRK DOUGLAS

LUST FOR LIFE from MGM. (1956). In his autobiography - Kirk Douglas claimed that he couldn't shake the character of tormented artist Vincent van Gogh. When the camera stopped rolling. He took Vincent back home with him and his wife Anne noticed it. Douglas completely disappeared into this role and it wasn't because he looked exactly like Vincent either. It tormented him because he was a trained "theatre" actor and not a "method" actor. 

Kirk received his third best actor Oscar nomination - but didn't win. Anthony Quinn portrayed artist Paul Gauguin and won the best supporting actor Oscar that year. It was also Oscar nominated for best art direction (color) - but didn't win. The film captured the magnificent color "art-work" of Van Gogh through his life. He never sold a painting until after his suicide. 

If you are an "Art" fan. Check out this movie.
(1956 Lobby Card.).

(1956 French Lobby Card.).

Below is a scene from the 1956 film.

Academy Awards 2020: Renée Zellweger wins Best Actress

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(On the Red Carpet Photo).

Academy Awards 2020: Joaquin Phoenix wins Best Actor

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(On the Red Carpet photo).

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Part 7: A Movie Marathon Tribute to KIRK DOUGLAS

SPARTACUS from BRYNA PRODUCTIONS (1960). Kirk Douglas passed away last week at the age of 103. He was the head of his own production company named after his mother. This 3-hour epic film won 4 Oscars and earned a whopping $60 million at the world-wide box office. A record for its' time (1960) with Universal Pictures that distributed the movie. Douglas was already known to film audiences, but this made him near immortal for generations.

Douglas portrays an illiterate slave named Spartacus who leads a revolt against Rome. All in the name of "freedom." He is respected by his army when they defend him against identity by yelling, "I'm Spartacus!" This phrase was screamed in movie theaters across the world. 

There are wonderful performances here, but it is Sir Lawrence Olivier as Crassus who makes an indelible portrait. He is a top-ranking Roman soldier who fears Spartacus and stops at nothing to capture him. Crassus even wanted Varinia (Jean Simmons) to love him instead of Spartacus. It was implied that Crassus was bi-sexual, but the censors cut a bathing scene between him and a male slave. 

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(Movie Poster 1960).

(1960 Publicity photo. The main cast. Top: John Gavin, Sir Lawrence Olivier, Peter Ustinov, Bottom: Kirk Douglas, Jean Simmons, Tony Curtis).

(1960 Lobby Card).

'48 Hours' episode 'The Case Against Ezra McCandless' nabs 3.35 TV Ratings Overall

The 48 HOURS (CBS) episode called, "The Case against Ezra McCandless" aired last Saturday night (2/8/2020) at 10/9 p.m. In the overnight TV ratings. It garnered 3.35 million TV viewers overall. It reached 0.4 million TV viewers in the all important 18 to 49 adult demographic. "NBA Basketball" (ABC) grabbed 2.15 overall and 0.6 with adults (8:30-11 p.m.). "Saturday Night Live" nabbed 2.64 overall & 0.4 with adults (repeat).

"The Case against Ezra McCandless." March 2018. Ezra showed up at a home and she claimed that she had been violently attacked. The word "boy" was carved on her arm. Police investigators later found an abandoned car with a dead body inside of it. That body belonged to Alex Woodworth who was 23-years-old. He was brutally stabbed 16 times. 

She had earlier changed her name to Ezra and was known to be a manipulative liar. She claimed that she was raped by a male friend. Alex had told police the different circumstances surrounding that "supposed" rape. The sexual assault claims were dropped and Ezra moved home. She was bitter that Alex spoke out against her to the police. Did her bitterness drive her to violence?    

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(CBS photo. Alex Woodworth in happier times.).

(CBS photo. Ezra McCandless shows different face during trial).

'Fantasy Island' opens in US movies theaters on Friday 'Valentine's Day' Feb. 14, 2020

'Hawaii Five-0' moves back to 9/8 p.m. Each Friday Night.

HAWAII FIVE-0 on CBS. The next episode is called, "He kauw? ke kanaka na ke aloha" that will air this Friday Feb. 14, 2020 at 9/8 p.m.

CBS says, "On Valentine’s Day -- Tani and Noelani are held hostage during a convenience store robbery. Also, Five-0 investigates the murder of a Thai diplomat whose wife confesses to the crime, but Danny suspects she’s covering for the real killer."

Saturday, February 8, 2020

An all new '48 Hours' Saturday Feb. 8, 2020

48 HOURS on CBS. The next episode is called, "The Case Against Ezra McCandless" that will air Saturday night at 10/9 p.m.

CBS says, "A young woman claims she was attacked by an ex-boyfriend who carved the word boy into her arm. But the crime scene tells a different story. CBS News correspondent Jamie Yuccas reports."

Part 6: A Movie Marathon Tribute to KIRK DOUGLAS

DETECTIVE STORY from PARAMOUNT PICTURES (1951). The film takes place solely in a police squad where all sorts of criminals are arrested. It's based on the popular theatre play and Kirk Douglas portrays detective James Mcleod. In his autobiography - Douglas claimed that he directed the play in California before the film shooting began. He also thought his performance would bring him an Oscar nomination - which it didn't.  

The 1951 censors did not permit the word "abortion" in the movie. The script was changed to "baby farming." The censors also didn't permit the shooting of a police detective. Director William Wyler fought for the gun shooting to remain in the movie. 

A baby-farmer (abortionist) is beaten by detective McLeod who claims police brutality. Mcleod has been chasing this baby killer and wants him in prison. The situation turns drastically when McLeod's wife knew this baby farmer several years ago. This film is considered "Film Noir", but the theatre play shines through clearly. 

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(Movie poster 1951).

(1951 lobby card. Kirk Douglas and William Bendix in front).

Part 5: A Movie Marathon Tribute to KIRK DOUGLAS

THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL from MGM (1952). It won 5 Academy Awards (Oscars) including best picture. Kirk Douglas received his second best actor Oscar nomination - but he lost. The film was about movie-making and became a box office smash. 

Douglas portrays a poor film producer named Jonathon whose dad was a former movie studio boss. He rises in the film industry with a director, screenwriter and a lead actress. He makes promises he will never keep and dumps them on his way up. "They" continue with their careers and become successful while Jonathon falls back on hard times. He wants them back and they say "no."

Vincente Minelli directed this movie in glorious "Back and White." It was colorized in the 1980's which was a bad idea. It is now on Blu-Ray showcasing the pristine black and white original version.

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(1952 movie poster).

(MGM photo. Kirk Douglas and Lana Turner who have both passed away as of 2020).

Part 4: A Movie Marathon Tribute to KIRK DOUGLAS

ACE IN THE HOLE from PARAMOUNT PICTURES (1951). The studio renamed it "The Big Carnival" just before its' theatrical release. It was returned to it's original title when it came to DVD. This won the Academy Award (Oscar) for best story /screenplay that year. It did not recoup its' money, but was a modest hit. Billy Wilder directed and co-wrote it. The character dialogue is crisp and fresh even for 2020. 

This for me is the most "evil" role Kirk Douglas ever played onscreen. He is Chuck Tatum who is a washed up news reporter. He travels to Albuquerque, NM where no one knows him and applies for a job in a small newspaper. Chuck wants to write a sensational story so he can reclaim his job as a top New York journalist. He finds his story when a local man is trapped in a cave. 

Chuck muscles his way into holding that man down there to keep his story "hot" for the presses. He uses and abuses everyone who steps in his path. He even manipulates the American public who buy it. This story is a sensation and he get's his job with a huge payday. The man in the cave is close to death and that's when Chuck's scheme crumbles....

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(Movie poster 1951).

(Movie screenshots).

'Hawaii Five-0' episode 'He waha kou o ka he'e' hits 6.62 TV Ratings Overall

HAWAII FIVE-0 (CBS) episode called, "He waha kou o ka he'e" aired Friday night (2/7/2020) at 9/8 p.m. In the overnight TV ratings. It garnered 6.62 million TV viewers overall. It reached 0.7 million TV viewers in the all important 18 to 49 adult demographic. "Democratic Debate" (ABC) grabbed 6.85 overall & 1.1 with adults. "Dateline" (NBC) nabbed 3.90 overall & 0.6 with adults.

"He waha kou o ka he'e." Lou's niece "Siobhan" had revealed that she always wanted to become a cop like him. Even though she was a very talented basketball player. Lou encouraged her to join the police academy on the island. Sioban is in training and one day she doesn't show up. Lou discovers that she had been kidnapped.

Meanwhile, Adam is tested by his father's old gang where he is trying to become its' leader. He was asked to work against the "Five-0" team to earn his place in the gang. Steve finds it suspicious that Adam returns to the force after quitting so abruptly. Him and Danno search Adam's apartment. 
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(CBS photo. Lou is on the war-path to find his niece).

(CBS photo. Lou asks hard questions).

(CBS photo. Lou's niece is kidnapped).